Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer

Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer

Brand: Systech illinois

Systech illinois
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Brand: Systech illinois
Model: PM700

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Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer

Made in U.K

Paramagnetic oxygen analyzers for high purity oxygen with full percent range capability.

Utilising the well proven magneto-dynamic (dumb bell) transducer, the PM700 offers the best in class of high performance oxygen analysis. These highly advanced instruments incorporate user-friendly software to provide accurate and reliable results. This paramagnetic analyzer is ideal for oxygen purity measurements with autoranging from 0.01% to 99.99%. The non-depleting sensor provides years of trouble free operation.

Available in four different configurations:

  • Panel mounted or bench mount oxygen analzyers
  • NEMA 4X / IP66 waterproof and weatherproof oxygen analysis units
  • 19 in. rack mount
  • UL and CUL approved Ex-proof. Sensor housing for explosive gas mixtures such as H2, Butane, CO, H2S.


Application:Industrial Gas
Medical Gas Analysis
Measurement range:Autoranging from 0.01 to 100% Oxygen
Response Time:90% of reading (T90) less than 2 seconds
Explosive gas mixtures:Use the Ex-Proof Sensor Housing for explosive gas mixtures such as H2, Butane, CO, H2S


Features & Benefits:

Paramagnetic sensor with PID temperature control for best in class performance
Optional barometric pressure compensation for purity analysis
Auto calibration option
Large autoranging LED display
Specific to oxygen
Excellent linearity and accuracy



  • Chemical/Petrochemical - Chemical & High purity gas production, Hydrocarbon refining, Natural gas transmission
  • Curing - Electron beam, Ultraviolet
  • Electronics - Solder powder production, Semiconductor furnaces, Gas quality
  • Medical Gas Analysis - relevant to USP37 and European Pharmacopeia 2.5.27 oxygen in gases
  • Metals - Heat treating / Annealing, Steel production, Alloys and powdered metals
  • Pharmaceutical - Inert packaging, Vessel blanketing, Fermentation
  • Process - Ceramics, Combustion analysis, Contact lens manufacturing, Food packaging, Glass fibre optics, Inert gas welding, Lamp manufacturing, Air separation
  • General - Controlled environments, R&D, Glove boxes, Oxygen deficiency
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