Microvision Digital Particle Size Analyzer

Microvision Digital Particle Size Analyzer

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Microvision Digital Particle Size Analyzer


Microvision Instruments systems allow you to keep a close check on the granulometry of your materials as the quality of your production depends on their diameters and dispersion:

Easy to use, modular and upgradeable solutions- available as fully automated turnkey system or custom-build system, depending on your own needs:

  • Microscopic imaging system
  • Specific software applications suite
  • All the useful tools to post-process and store your data (images, videos, analysis reports…)
  • Granulometric analysis

    Granix’s specialized image processing subjects your particles to contactless electronic sieving. This technique allows the granulometric characteristics of a population to be obtained quickly. These characteristics are then expressed according to NF standard recommendations.

    Granix is an easy-to-use analysis tool. It can be implemented rapidly under both laboratory and routine conditions. Granix is offered as a complete system (optics, video and computing) but also integrates easily into both your existing observation equipment (optical or electronic microscope, photos) and your computing system.

    • Granulometry by opening – Non-contact electronic sieving
    • Micron to centimeter
    • Results: histogram, cumulative curves, statistical and digital values – D10, D25, D50, D75, D90
    • Compliant NF X 11-696
    • Shape characterization

      Ellix automatically measures object size distribution depending on their shape: elliptical, rectangular, rhomboidal, circular, square.

      • Micron to centimeter
      • Customizable reports, data export
      • Measurement: length, width, area and orientation of the models, position, major axis, minor axis, diameter and area of the objects, form factor: elongation, eccentricity, aspect ratio
      • Graphical representation: distribution histogram, scatter plot diagram and directional, statistical values

The most accurate image analysis software for your laboratory that ensures you very accurate results if you need to combine between all of the following


  • Acquisition     
  • Archiving
  • Database
  • Report
  • Shape characterization
  • Morphometry
  • Particle counting 
  • Phase analysis
  • Granulometry
  • Dimensional measurement
  • Grain size analysis
  • Mapping

​Granulometry Softwares:

*ELLIX      ►   Shape Characterization

*GRANIX   ►   Electronic Sieving

Country of Origin: FRANCE





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