Systech Illinois new permeation instrument

Systech Illinois new permeation instrument

Brand: Systech illinois

Systech illinois
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Brand: Systech illinois
Model: 8100e | ASTM D3985

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Systech Illinois new permeation instrument

Made in U.K

Latest coulometric sensor technology ASTM D3985 compliant

Setting the new bench mark in oxygen transmission rate measurement instruments, the All-NEW OxySense® instrument incorporates the latest in coulometric sensor technology with high sensitivity and the widest test range. The instrument is simple to operate, designed to lower testing costs, and increase productivity.

The OxySense 8100e is designed to be expandable and lower your testing costs. Systech Illinois is the only major developer of transmission rate test instrumentation to offer satellite expansion. The satellites can be configured to meet your precise testing needs, allowing you to cost effectively add lab capability as needed while continuing to lower your “cost per test”.


  • Industry : Packaging
  • Gas : Oxygen
  • Application : Permeation
  • Controlled RH Testing Ranges : Films- Carrier and Test gas: 0% to 90% ± 2%
  • Controlled RH Testing Ranges : Packages - Ambient or controlled by chamber
  • Test temperature range : 10°C to 40°C ± 0.1°C

  • Features and benefits

    • Completely new design
    • High sensitivity, wide range eMetric™ coulometric sensor
    • Easy testing, just load the film and press a button to start
    • Large touch screen providing easy operation and display of results
    • Film loading made simple and effective with the Q-Seal™ gas free cell closure system
    • Automatic relative humidity and temperature control
    • “Test Condition Matrix” (TCM™) feature enabling you, with the touch of a single button, to test a sample at up to ten different conditions of temperature and relative humidity
    • Expandable up to 32 cells
    • Applications

      • Barrier Film
      • PET Bottles
      • Containers
      • Canisters
      • Bags
      • Flexible pouches

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