Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

Brand: Systech illinois

Systech illinois
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Brand: Systech illinois
Model: EC96

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Oxygen Deficiency Monitor


The EC96 oxygen deficiency monitor is used for the continuous monitoring of oxygen levels in confined spaces, inert storage areas or where low or high levels of oxygen may pose a hazard to personnel.

The EC96 oxygen deficiency monitor features adjustable alarm contacts which give early warning of changes in oxygen levels, allowing action to be taken.  This O2 deficiency monitor transmits continuous oxygen concentration levels to any control data acquisition system or programmable logic controller with 4-20mA input.

Supplied with 25 metres of cable as standard, allowing the cell to be mounted remotely, if required.

The EC96 incorporates a diffusion type electrochemical sensor that does not require sample pumping, making it easy to use and calibrate.


Application:Oxygen Deficiency
Measurement range:0-30%
Response Time:90% of reading within 20 seconds
Ingress protection:IP67 / Nema 4X


Features & Benefits:

  • Two adjustable levels of oxygen with audible alarm
  • 4-20mA output for remote monitoring
  • Waterproof IP65 rated enclosure
  • Sensor life in excess of 3 years
  • Range 0-30% oxygen
  • Simple installation
  • 3 years warranty
  • High accuracy
  • The EC96 has a 36 month warranty which covers any faulty workmanship and normal component failure relating to electronic circuit cards



  • Breweries
  • Soft drink plants
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) storage
  • Nitrogen plants
  • Enclosed work areas
  • Welding installations
  • Fruit storage facilities
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